Practice, Practice, Practice!

If you have ever taken an in person workshop with me, you know how much I emphasize that practice is the key to unlocking your success. Whether you are trying your hand at modern calligraphy, diving in to brush pen lettering, or creating unique hand drawn letters, practicing your skill is the cornerstone of seeing growth.

You don’t have to devote hours and hours each day, or even every week to perfect your new skill (who wants perfection these days anyways?). I like to pour myself a cup of my favorite hot tea, put on a good podcast or Netflix show, and work on my drills or alphabet. Got 10 minutes while dinner is cooking in the oven? Great, grab your pen and practice at the kitchen table! Want to unwind at the end of your workday with a glass of wine? Yas girl, grab your supplies and build that muscle memory!

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The point is, make your practice work for you and your life. If you can practice even just a few minutes on a handful of days each week, you will see progress! I always recommend keeping your practice sheets so that you can look back and see how much you have improved over time. You will be amazed at how quickly you will build your new skill!

My goal is to be a resource for others looking to learn or a grow a new creative skill, so today I am including a free download. Click below to download a FREE practice sheet with guidelines for lowercase and uppercase letters! This practice sheet will work for a variety of lettering styles - just print on a heavyweight printer paper and have fun! If you don’t have a heavyweight paper on hand, my go to is this HP 32# Laserjet paper. You will want to avoid your regular ol’ printer paper as it is too thin and will cause your nibs to catch, ink to bleed, or if you are working with a brush pen, it just won’t be as smooth and easy to write on.

I’d love to see what you’re up to, so tag us @thescribblist on social media so we can follow your journey!

Click here to download your copy!

So. Close.

I was recently selected as one of the top five finalists for Behr’s incredible Color Explorer role. If you didn’t hear about it already, Behr was searching for one colorful individual to travel the US and Canada this summer to gather inspiration for naming a new color. Dream job? Uh, yeah! Since I have gotten a lot of questions about this process, I thought I would share some insights to the application, my answers, and what color means to me.

Image credit: Lauryn Kay Photography

Image credit: Lauryn Kay Photography


When Behr first announced this amazing opportunity, it was all over social media. The initial application just wanted to know what your favorite color was in 150 words or less. Conveying a meaningful explanation in 150 words was challenging. Picking only one color to write about was challenging. But the decision to throw my hat in the ring, well that was easy.

Here is what I wrote:

The vibrant violet-blue of a Texas Bluebonnet is one of my earliest memories. Driving across the countryside as my family traveled from the bayous of Houston to the lush Hill Country, I knew we were getting close by the fields of Bluebonnets that would start to appear. Beyond the excitement of finally reaching our destination, I knew the Bluebonnets meant that soon I would see my grandparents who had traveled from the oil fields of West Texas to meet us. These experiences taught me early on how color can invoke the story of a people, the history of a land, and the love of a family. I will forever be inspired by the first sighting of those fields, and my heart still skips a beat when I spot a glimpse of that unforgettable shade of blue.

Much to my surprise, a little while later I received an email letting me know that I made it to the next round. Exciting! This time, the process involved a screening questionnaire and some exercises, including our most memorable colorful experience. This is what I shared:

When I was 19, I took my first international trip. I saw incredible places full of breathtaking art, mouth watering food, and ancient cultures. But one moment changed everything for me. I was walking across a bridge in Rome and stopped to watch the sunset over St. Peter’s cathedral. The sky was glowing, vibrant shades of red and pink. The white stone and marble of the city were glowing too, reflecting the color above. I can still remember what it felt like to watch that magic unfold. I felt my heart grow, my understanding of the world expand, and I made a decision right then and there that I would live in that city someday all because of how I experienced that color in the sky. I kept my promise, and a year later I returned to the city that stole my heart.

This is the photo I took in that moment. Rome holds such a special place in my heart.

This is the photo I took in that moment. Rome holds such a special place in my heart.


We were also asked to share why we would be the ideal candidate. I wanted to convey that while this was obviously such an exciting opportunity for myself (I love to travel and I love color - check and check!), I understood that it was about much more than that. This was an opportunity to connect with people, to bring people together through color. Here’s what I shared:

The most impactful compliment I have ever received was being told I brought color into someone’s life. I choose to live colorfully because I understand the power of color and strive to share that with as many people as I can. I have been lucky enough to receive an arts driven education that opened my eyes to viewing the world in a different way - one that looks past the surface and sees the color, shapes, and lines that work together to create the world we live in. It is my joy and driving force to share my experiences and help others look past the dust of everyday life and see the beauty that is all around us. Being chosen as the Behr Color Explorer is about more than just my own personal journey. It’s about sharing the experience of living colorfully with others, and that is a truly incredible opportunity.

The next and final stage was a Skype interview with Behr’s PR team and a member of their Color team. While I ultimately was not chosen as the Color Explorer, this was such a thrilling and eye opening experience. I am so incredibly honored to have been chosen among the top five finalists out of over 12,000 applicants. It re-inspired my passion for color, travel, and sharing my experiences with the world. It reminded me that anything is possible, and to keep sharing your gifts. So next time you see an opportunity that excites you, don’t hold back! Get out there and grab your dreams! I’ll be here cheering you on!

If you'd like to read more about the Color Explorer and finalists, click here. I can’t wait to follow David’s adventures!

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If you have been following along, you know that I recently took the plunge from pursuing The Scribblist as a side hustle to my full time gig. I shared openly about the struggles I faced and the reality of the emotional toll rejection can take on you. Today, as I sit here next to my fluffy, scruffy faced pup and take inventory of this season, I am feeling so very thankful.

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I know the world of pointed pen calligraphy can be intimidating, especially because the supplies alone are a lot to figure out if you are teaching yourself like I did. I have put together a list of 5 basic supplies you need to get started, and have included some resources on where to find them online (links included!). My suggestion here follows the same rule as the illustration supplies, which is to buy the best you can afford. Luckily, calligraphy supplies are relatively inexpensive which means you can try a few things out to see what suits you best!

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One of the main goals I have for The Scribblist is for it to be a source of knowledge and inspiration for anyone who wants to learn or further develop a creative skill. In addition to my workshops, I’ll be sharing free tips and resources for you here on the blog.

Today I am sharing my favorite supplies for illustrative painting. These are the materials I use to create my hand lettered and illustrated designs, which I sell as prints in my Etsy shop.

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