Ignite Your Creative Spark!

I started The Scribblist when I was living in Boston, and since moving back to the Pacific Northwest I have noticed a huge difference in customer requests. Can you guess what it is?


In Boston, I noticed the majority of my customers were not interested in any DIY projects. Maybe they didn’t have the spare time, or perhaps just didn’t have an interest in trying their own hand at lettering projects. They were more than happy to find someone who could do the work for them. So I was pretty surprised to find that since moving back to Portland, my top inquiry by FAR is for workshops.

I love that Portland is a city full of people with an interest in learning something new, or adding another skill to their already full toolbox. It’s allowed me to focus more on something I love too, teaching! I had always intended to become a teacher once I earned my MFA, but I had no idea that I would be offering my own courses in lettering, painting, and drawing instead of becoming an instructor at a higher education institution. I have invested a lot into my art education, and I am so thrilled that I can share what I have learned with others, at a fraction of the cost.


In 2018, I offered only two types of workshops, introductory courses in modern calligraphy and hand lettering. This year, I am expanding my course selection to include intermediate calligraphy and lettering workshops, as well as a variety of painting and drawing classes. Here is a sample of what is on the books for 2019:

Introduction to Hand Lettering at Assembly PDX: click here for tickets! *LOW TICKET WARNING: January is already sold out, and there are only 4 spots left for February!

Watercolor Patterns and Prints at Baerlic Brewing Co. on 2/22/19: stay tuned for tickets when they go on sale next week!

Intermediate Hand Lettering at Baerlic Brewing Co. on 3/7/19: stay tuned for tickets when they go on sale next week!

As well as these courses (dates TBD):

Modern Collage: Because Perfection is Boring

Intro to Drawing: Experimental Techniques

Not Your Average Chalkboard Lettering

Introduction to Watercolor Florals

Abstract Acrylic Painting

Intermediate Modern Calligraphy

Interested in being one of the first to know when these courses become available? Shoot me a message with your email on the contact page and I will add to you to the list! I intentionally keep my workshops small so that I can answer individual questions and check in on everyone’s progress. I hope I will see you at a future workshop!